The hype around cryptocurrency, mining, blockchain, ICO, and the protection of assets and transactions has not subsided recently. Let’s understand the essence of these phenomena.

Common rules on how to protect your transactions

Cryptocurrency protection is necessary for everyone who uses it. Bitcoin is currently an attractive theft item for hackers. To protect your funds, you must be extremely careful and follow simple rules:

  • Use a small amount for daily needs. The distribution of funds among several depositories reduces to zero the possibility of theft of all funds at once.
  • Create a backup of your wallet. Storing a backup copy of the crypto wallet will allow you to restore it in case of a computer failure and if your mobile phone is stolen.
  • Use a strong password as well as offline wallets. The latter is considered the most reliable, as they allow you to store cryptocurrency without access to the Internet. Thus, your wallet cannot be hacked by intruders.
  • Use Bitcoin tumblers. The service aims to break any connection between users’ wallets, making tracking and identifying participants impossible.

YoMix tumbler – the most reliable solution

YoMix is one of the most reliable and popular Bitcoin blenders, famous for its user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface. This Bitcoin tumbler guarantees maximum anonymity of cryptocurrency transactions made by its users. The duration of the mixing process is minimal and takes only a few minutes. The user is prompted to choose one of three coin options (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin), enter the recipient’s address if desired, specify the optimal delay (up to 3 days), transfer funds, and wait for their delivery to the specified wallet.

So, the YoMix makes the Bitcoin clearing process easy and convenient for the client. This resource requires one transaction confirmation, after which new net coins are sent to the specified wallet. Users can also control the processing delay of their transactions.